In collaboration with AlSama, FNF Lebanon and Syria has launched an 80-session workshop for 100 families in the Shatila refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon in 2021.

AlSama is a secondary education institute for Syrian refugee teenagers who are out of school in Shatila. Each student who joins not only receives an academic and sport education but also attends weekly awareness and psychological support sessions. The results are remarkable: many of the students are now refusing early marriage, speak up about sexual abuse and have developed aspirations for their future and how to improve their communities. They are also increasingly aware of the flip side of their development: their alienation from their often very traditional parents and families, and their families’ lack of understanding regarding simple child rights and protection matters and how to interact with their teenagers in a positive, constructive way.

This is where the idea of the program was born. AlSama students emerged one day to the centre demanding that their parents undergo the same awareness sessions they are receiving. They insisted that in order to insure their basic human rights it is important to spread these ideals and values to the community as a whole. FNF and AlSama understood the importance of this concept for the students to thrive and move forward.

From September to November 2021, the parents were divided into 10 groups and each group attended 8 sessions tackling different basic human rights topics such as fighting early marriage, access to education for children, the importance of higher education, the need to have a safe and nourishing environment for kids, breaking the taboo around sexual harassment and rape, eliminating child labour.

The work is the exact representation of the values FNF fights for when it comes to protecting human rights. Securing an adequate environment for these students will allow them to prosper on an educational and professional level.

Students attending classes at the school founded by FNF partner AlSama.

Educational work with mothers of students in the Shatila refugee camp in Lebanon.